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Commonly Asked Questions

The Info You’re After

How do I open an account to purchase? 

To open an account online and view our products and pricing, simply answer the questions given after clicking on the product page. Set up your account, log in with your username and password, and you're set. (P.S., an HST number is required to make an account). 

To open an account in person, visit our showroom and provide company contact information and HST number. This can be done upon your first purchase. 

Are your plants real?

No, our plants are not real.  Even though our plants look absolutely realistic and life-like, they are either polyester or plastic-based.  Therefore, they are everlasting.

Can your plants be used outdoors, are they UV protected and how long will they last?

Only our plastic plants are suitable for outdoors and our products are not UV protected.  Our manufacturer uses a high-density plastic base coating that eliminates the use of UV protection and provides a longer-lasting finish.  Our plants when used indoors, will last a lifetime,  When used outdoors, the longevity will depend on many factors.  Please refer to our product care section for instructions on how to maintain it.

Do you sell to the general public?

Unfortunately we do not sell to the general public, but we have numerous retail & online locations throughout Canada that carry our gorgeous plants.  Please drop us a note and we can direct you to our nearest retailer.

I need help with a custom order for a project. What should I do?

For all custom orders, we are happy to assist you.  Simply contact us and we can discuss.

How soon can I get my order ready and shipped?

For all orders in stock , please allow 24hrs notice for pick-up

For all orders in stock , please allow up to 3 days for shipping.

For customized orders, lead times will vary per project and can be determined upon ordering.

Maclaw is open daily for cash n' carry, as we keep stock of all items year round

Do we need an appointment to come into your showroom? Can I bring my client with me or can I just send them in by themself?

No appointment is necessary to come into our showroom during our hours of operation.  If you wish to  bring your client in with you to view our beautiful products,  we strongly advise you let us know prior to coming.  However, if you wish to send your client in alone, please contact us prior as they will not be allowed to purchase without your authorization.

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