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Cleaning Instructions

Simply use a damp cloth or feather duster to gently wipe the dust or dirt off of leaves, trunk and pots.

We do not advise using any sprays cleaners or shines on our plants, as they can cause discolouration or stains on the polyester or plastic fabrics.


Recommended care for Indoor Use

Very minimal care is required for our artificial plants when placed indoors

Do NOT water the plant base

Please refer to the above for cleaning instructions

Recommended care for Outdoor Use

Only Maclaw's "plastic" based plants are recommended for outdoor use

Ensure the plants are firmly and properly secured into their pots with proper weight added.  For extra support, attaching to a fence or railing is recommended ( i.e. tying with wire or string)

Always make sure there is proper drainage in the pots.  This will prevent the moisture from freezing in the colder temperatures (i.e. drilling extra holes into the pots)

During the winter months, please cover the plants or bring them inside for storage.  Treat them similarily to patio furniture and pillows (i.e. wrapping with burlap or outdoor furniture covers)

For large leaf plants, gently lay them flat on extreme hot or humid days to prevent the plastic leaves from becoming too soft as it may cause droopiness 

Please refer to the above for cleaning instructions

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